Super Luigi 64 Installation Guide:

Super Luigi 64 - The latest release of Super Luigi 64 (325KB)



PPF-O-Matic 3

• A clean USA Super Mario 64 rom

NOTE: A rom file can be dumped to your PC by using the proper software for dumping game files that you own/purchase. We do not condone piracy, nor are we responsible for how you go about acquiring your roms!

Tool 64

Your rom's byte order might be Byteswapped or Little Endian. In this case, the patch will not work!
To prevent this issue, you may need a program called Tool64.

1. Download Tool64, extract it, then launch the program.
2. In Tool64, set the rom directory to the folder your clean USA Super Mario 64 rom is in.

3. Make sure your rom's byte order is set to Big Endian. If it isn't, check the top of the Tool64 window for a right arrow.
4. Simply click that button, and your rom will be set to Big Endian.

Applying the Patch

1. Download PPF-O-Matic, extract it, then boot "ppf-o-matic3.exe".

2. From the program, search for the ISO file. At the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see "Files of type: CD Images". Change it to "All Files", so you can select your rom.

3. Next, search for the Super Luigi 64 patch (.ppf) and select it.

4. Now that both your 8MB rom and patch are found, click apply.

You are now ready to play Super Luigi 64!

P.S. For the ultimate Nintendo 64 experience, we recommend playing Super Luigi 64 on real hardware using an EverDrive 64 cartridge. Relive what used to be a dream on your very own N64 from the good ol' days.