So what's the dealio with Super Luigi 64?

Super Luigi 64 is a side project that will spark the inner-childhood dream in every Super Mario 64 fan. Luigi is much more athletically inclined than Mario; however, he can be rather clumsy.

- An accurately designed Luigi model for the true 64 experience
- Save Princess Peach from Bowser's grasp now as Luigi
- Fully animated 3D Luigi head
- Greener graphics to accommodate Luigi's famous color
- Luigi's classic voice as heard in Super Smash Bros. 64/Melee
- Brand new tricks and moves (Mamma-mia!)
- Higher jumps and slippery traction
- 100% compatible with emulator and console (two separate patch files no longer required!)
- Fixed bugs and stability to better the user experience
- Runs on an 8MB rom


You can grab the Super Luigi 64 source from our archive index

Massive thanks to Dudaw for providing helpful documents and assistance for Super Luigi 64.
A special thanks to Flotonic, Subdrag, GeoshiTheRed, and all the people who supported this project.