A GameCube Modem Package?

Yep! Aesthetically named for your enjoyment, too. It's been tweaked to handle Double Dash online without any de syncs.
You should be able to play games like Mario Party online with this build as well.

How do I get Mario Kart: Double Dash on my PC?

If you own a copy of the game, install HomeBrew on your Wii and download the CleanRip app. This HomeBrew software allows you to dump GCN/Wii discs to your SD card into .iso files with legal documents & certificates. We do NOT condone piracy.


What's included:

- A modified build of Dolphin 5.0-321 SL
- Custom Mario Kart: Double Dash Theme icons for Dolphin
- Pre-configured settings so that you're ready jump right into the online