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True 64 - Archive Index

zip Super Luigi 64 - The first release of Super Luigi 64. (5087KB)
zip - A tool that extracts N64 sound samples and generates a CONTROL.H log of Nsound offsets. (37KB)
zip Battle Colors - A Super Mario Odyssey mod that includes battle outfits from the Super Mario Advance series. (2643KB)
html Gameshark.html - A few codes from ages ago.
zip Super Luigi 64 - The latest release of Super Luigi 64. (325KB)
zip Super Luigi 64 - An open source that contains the documents, textures, and files used in Super Luigi 64. (686KB)
zip Playable Mummy - A mod that replaces Luigi with his NPC counter part from Mario Tennis Aces' Adventure Mode. (37MB)
zip GCN Modem - An optimized build of Dolphin that allows players to compete in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! through netplay. (19MB)


That's all, folks!